Financial ERP - General ledger

General ledger is the central application area of Safe ERP Solutions where all financial information is posted.
Features :

       Unlimited levels of alphanumeric chart of accounts.
      Unlimited levels of alphanumeric chart of Cost Centers.
      Implementing multiple financial activity in the same accounts chart
      Branch related accounts
      Grouping of accounts
      Grouping of cost centers
      Period closing. 
      Comparison financial statements.
      Different levels of budgeting and budget control
      Cash flow management
      Auto generating vouchers
      Voucher templates (Repeated vouchers)
      Account chart restructuring during the year
      Inter-Company voucher
      Fully integrated with all other systems and sub systems 

       4 dimension structure gives great ability to have the best structure for 
        .. the business. (chart of account , chart of cost center , financial activity, branches) 
       Ability to generate financial statement for any dimension and any intersection
         . of them. I e financial statement for any unit of business 
       Group of cost center gives short cut to segment the business and generate financial
           statements for that segment 
       Group of accounts Gives the ability to link the related accounts and show the ledger
           of these accounts in one sheet. 
       Cash management 
       Manage the “Advance paid” , “Accruals” , and Distributing the management expenses
         . over the cost center by using the auto-generated vouchers.